11:35 AM

Ryan is always super creative when it comes to activities.  I am usually the party pooper because I am so tired from work but this time he came up with an idea that was too fun to pass up. 
Leslie and David came over to hang out and we decided that each couple would paint each other.  We would do our own interpretation of our spouse.  Let me just state that David and I both have ZERO art skills.  That's right.  Zippo.  Leslie and Ryan are both very creative and artistic so we knew going in that this would be interesting.

Here is the end result for Ryan and I.
I apparently am a faceless boob model and Ryan is a cartoon from a 5 year old's imagination.  What can I say...we are meant for each other.

Leslie and David's results were awesome.  David turned out to be the mexican Leslie always wanted and Leslie is a crazy faceless Jamacian woman. 

The proud couple.
I was pretty impressed with the outcome of everyone's paintings.  Kinda funny what happens when you're full on Cafe Rio and stressed with finals. 

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