1:58 PM

Mom made it a point to go up to Salt Lake to look at the lights on Temple Square.  I'm guessing Mom has already picked this as our Christmas Card even though Derek's eyebrow is out of control.

The lights were so beautiful!  Minus the below freezing temperatures we managed to all happily walk around and enjoy the view.

The boys dared Ryan to stick his face in the snow and of course he couldn't resist.

He said it actually warmed him up with all that adrenaline pumping.  Even so, I was worried that we was going to die of frost bite.  Amazingly he survived.

Emily took a picture for us...

And then took this picture...

And this picture.  Nice guys, nice.

It was seriously freezing.  My parents got a good dose of the Utah cold, that is for sure.

Since we went up the night after Thanksgiving, and since that is the first night they turn the lights on, Temple Square was a mad house.  But we fought the crowds and had a great time together.  Our meal at the Jospeh Smith Building topped it all off perfectly.  Is it Christmas yet?!

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