2:11 PM

A Vorwaller tradition is to take our house guests and friends to Jump On It to bring out the child in everyone. 

Even dad and mom got in on the jumping action!  My pic of mom didn't turn out so well though.

This is my only picture of Ryan but I had to have proof that he was there because after a mad race, which I won, Ryan had a small accident.

A picture of a toe is never attractive, but we had to document the one casualty of the evening.  A toe stubbing is no fun.

He said it looked worse than it was but I know he was being tough.  I have said more than my fair share of choice words when I stub my toe and Ryan took it like a pro.

This is what we woke up to on Sunday before Church.  The only days it snowed were Mom and Dad's travel days.  Figures.

Luckily we made it to and from the airport safely and mom, dad and Mike made it back safely as well.  As soon as we got back from the airport Ryan and I felt a little sad that everyone had left, but it gave us the motivation to get the heck out of Utah and get back to Florida asap.  No offense Utah, but I would like to not have to travel 2000 miles to see my mother. 

Until April...We love you guys!  Thanks for a great Thanksgiving!

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