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I had the turkey duties this year and was very excited to try my yummy free-range no hormone turkey.  After watching Food Inc. my whole perspective on meat has changed so I was trying to do my part for the farmers and the turkeys this year.

It was just as yucky to clean the turkey as the years before, but this time Ryan did the majority of it.  Since the bird was 21 lbs I couldn't lift it as well but Ryan came to the rescue.  Kinda glad there aren't more pictures of this but both of our hands were yucky during the real juicy shots.

I didn't get a good shot right out of the oven but it was golden and looked perfect.

Dad did a great job carving the bird with the small space in my apartment.

Mom and grandma in the kitchen making gravy.

My one shot of the table...not a very good one but I was mor focused on the food, let's be honest.

The day turned out perfect and the food was plentiful.  It was so nice to spend a Thanksgiving with my parents after 6 years of roaming.  I sometimes wonder why I have to drink half a bottle of Mylanta to pull off a day like Thanksgiving when I know it will all work itself out in the end.  Ryan and I have so many things to be grateful for it would take days to write it all out.  Just know if you are reading this we are for sure grateful for you!

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