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It's a boy!  Janneke and I threw Erin a baby shower this weekend.  It was fun to see some sisters from our old ward there and chit chat about all things baby.  It was wonderful for me on mother's day weekend to baby-sit and then throw a baby shower for my friends and truly celebrate real motherhood from start to...well a few years into it :)  Erin looks amazing being pregnant and she is so happy!  She is super prepared and got lots of fun gifts to help prep for the baby.  We also played "guess that baby food" and that is why everyone is sniffing diapers in these photos.  I thought it was hilarious!  Almost everyone there was already a mom or was about it be a mom and it made me so happy to have so many friends who are so happy with their role as a woman and mother.  They are all amazing examples to me of what womanhood is truly about and I was so happy to celebrate with them.

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