7:18 PM

This is what I came home to on Monday.  Actually I was stuck behind our mattress because it was wedged in between our door and the entry way.  I actually had to yell for Ryan to come and move the bed...I couldn't hardly step two feet into our apartment.  Why does our apartment look like it got hit by a tornado you ask?  Because Ryan is seriously the best husband ever.  I had been finding these tiny black beetle-like bugs in our bedroom.  They seemed to just creep up out of nowhere and they only seemed to like me.  I even found one in my ear!  Yes, sick!  I had had enough and said , once I found the bug in my ear, that we needed to deep clean our bedroom or something to get rid of those bugs.  What I should have said was "I want a million dollars." because when I got home the next day Ryan had taken everything out of our bedroom (i.e.the picture) and deep cleaned the entire bedroom.  He even sprayed for bugs!  Even though the living room was crazy messy I didn't even care because Ryan was so proud of himself.  I was so touched he would even think to do that for me.  This picture below is my favorite picture...Ryan so proud of his accomplishment and being the man and killing all of the bugs.

I'm the luckiest girl ever!

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