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Ryan and I ventured to Spark this week.  I like the ambiance of this place...much trendier than post places in Provo.  Their food is more on the gourmet side and to top it off they serve mocktails...fake cocktails.  Half the fun is going just to order the drinks, but the food really is super good too.  Thanks to the value pak we had a buy one meal get one free coupon so we jumped at chance to "splurge" a little.  I got a Shirley temple, which is really a virgin drink to begin with, but what sold me on the drink was it came with cotton candy on top!  One of my most favorite things in the world is cotton candy so I couldn't resist and boy did it deliver.  
I love how the cotton candy totally covers Ryan's head.  Haha. 
It was nice to go out for a mid-week date which hardly ever happens.  I'm trying to take advantage of Ryan while I have him and I know I will be sad to give him back to the ME program, but when we are back in sunny Florida again I know it will be worth it. 

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