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This post is quite a few days late, but I wanted to do it anyway.  Everyday should be Mother's Day so I don't think our Mom's will be too upset that it's a little late.
I can't hardly type without crying when I start to think about my mother.  She has always been the rock of our family and has been a true example of faith.  My Mom is a convert to the church and is the only member of the church in her family and I have always admired her testimony and strength.  She seriously had no idea what her life would truly be like marrying my dad.  Meetings, crazy callings, long hours of selfless service...as a newer convert you really don't think of your life as being filled with times away from your spouse, but my mom has been such an example to me of faith as she has sat by herself most of her life in church as dad was away on assignments or sitting on the stand.  My mom is educated and has always pushed me to be my best self.  She always made my friends feel welcome into our home and has allowed me the freedom to become my own person without any judgment.  I know one day I will have my own daughter to mess up in my very own special way, and I hope I can be half the mother to my daughter as my mom is to me.
My in-laws are nothing like your typical in-laws.  I can hardly even type the words because from day one I have felt like part of the family.  I have been so blessed to have gained another set of parents.  I now have two amazing examples of mother in my life.  I can't wait for the time when Kristi and my Mom will "fight" over who gets the grand kids and feel so blessed to know that no matter where the kids go they will find themselves surrounded by amazing women and mothers.  Kristi thank you for taking me under your wing and for being the amazing mother I know you have been to Ryan.  He is the man he is because of you and I am forever grateful.    

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