Chicago Bound

2:52 PM

Michael and I had the chance to go on a little road trip to Chicago together.  I am normally not a road trip person, but this road trip was the most smooth and seemingly the quickest I have ever taken.  The days in the car flew by and Michael and I found ourselves listening to lots of NPR and talking about politics.  Michael drove the entire way and I took a few snapshots of our adventure.

I was pretty bad at taking pictures of the state signs...a little too early.  I think that is Georgia though.

Driving into Nashville

This is where the GPS told us our Holiday Inn Express was.  Um, no.  We drove around a neighborhood for like 10 minutes trying to find it.  We finally found it...15 miles down the highway.  Thanks Google Maps.

I was a little better by the second day of driving.

The windy city!!  We were in killer traffic for the last hour of our drive, but it was great to be able to take some pics and enjoy being downtown.

The nice delivery guy for the Greek restaurant below Mike's place jumped the jeep when the battery died.  Luckily we were already there and it wasn't too much of an inconvenience.  The guy locked his keys in his car after, but we managed, with a coat hanger, to get ourselves out of that situation as well.  Miracles.

Our first train ride into the city.

Chicago deep dish.  Delish!

Walking around downtown.  

At the bean.

Mike's apartment.  I felt like I was in an episode of friends.  Mike lives above a coffee shop and a list of shops and restaurants.  It was a sweet set-up. Mike got accepted into DePaul University to get his Master's in Jazz studies and we are so excited for him!  

I can't wait to go back and visit Mike and to explore more of Chicago.  Love you Mike!!

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