Orlando Stay-cation

4:36 PM

Ryan and I were able to spend some time with my side of the family for a stay-cation in Orlando this summer.  We spend one of the days at Harry Potter World.  It did not disappoint.

Siblings unite!
(I am starting to think that we are all looking more and more alike as we get older.  Do you see it?)

Entering Hogwarts.  It really looked pretty authentic and I got pretty excited about being there even though I am not a crazy Harry Potter fanatic.  Don't get me wrong, I love Harry, but I was really just there for...

the Butterbeer!!  It was suuuper yummy.  The frozen was not as sweetly potent as the regular butterbeer but both we so refreshing after a boiling hot day in the theme park.  I think we all drank our weight in butter beer and all had a crazy sugar high by the end of the day.  So worth it.

All aboard!

If you are at all prone to getting motion sick do NOT ride the Hogwarts castle ride.  It is a simulated ride that spins you and whips you around.  Not my style.  I was sick for about half an hour after the ride but luckily I recovered quickly.

The gang.

Brotherly love.  Enjoying that butter beer!!

Mom and Dad enjoying the small feast we had for lunch.

More butter beer :)

We had a great time enjoying the day together.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!

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