5:41 PM

We took the Priests and Laurels to the Sanford Zoo to Zip line!

The crew waiting to get in the park.  

They made us practice getting our equipment on the line correctly and how to get on and off each area.  It made me really nervous considering how I don't like going up our second story steps.  

The course was actually a ropes corse with intermittent zip lines.  I did not get pictures of how high up we actually were because I was terrified and I also thought I would drop my phone so I only took a few.  We were pretty high up in the air and I was sweating so badly from nerves.  I was actually the last one to go and luckily my girls were looking out for me and cheering me on.  If it wasn't for them my feet wouldn't have left the ground.

Rio stuck with me and helped me get up my courage to complete the course.  Thanks girl!

Andi and Maddy being goofy.

After the course.  Bishop was a champ!

We made it!  The Bishop did a great symbolism lesson the next day about how we hold on to our life-line and how we need to always be connected to our line, i.e the gospel.  (We were always connected by at least one carabiner.  We had two but we kept one on one line until we were safely connected to the next line.) It was a great lesson and I think the girls will remember this activity for a while.  I am glad I got to conquer my fear and try something new.  I love my girls and feel so grateful for them and for the time that I get to spend with them.

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