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Ryan and I stumbled upon two FREE tickets to Sea World right before Christmas.  Score!  Since we live right by Disney, Universal and Sea World we feel we should take advantage of our local and go more, but they are suuuuper expensive and on a student budget we just did not feel comfortable spending the money.  But we did feel comfortable about paying just for parking and a snack!  We were so glad we did.

I wish I had more pictures of the Clyde and Seamore show.  We saw it twice and it was super funny both times.  It was Christmas time so the whole park was playing Christmas music and was decorated beautifully, hence the packages and Christmas trees on the stage in the background of the pic.

Ryan with his dip-n-dots.  He tricked me and told me Atlantis (the ride in the background) was just a log water ride with one big drop.  Um no.  It was a ROLLER-COASTER with 2 drops and you get soaking wet.  I was so scared, but amazingly enough I survived the whole ordeal and lived to see another day.  It was actually even a little bit enjoyable.


It rained a little bit nothing would stop us from having a good time.

The Christmas messages of the shows were really sweet, even at times a little spiritual.  We sang a sing-along to a few well known Christmas songs and it was so fun to just sing like a child and not even care about what people were thinking.  Everyone was singing and enjoying themselves and it was sweet to see that at a theme park.  We were really glad we took the time to go.  

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