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When we are with Dan and Ashley we are all about making memories.  We have been having FHE with them every Monday night for quite a while now and we still look forward to it every week.  (Thanks to our original FHE group who helped us to keep our good habits.  You know who you are!)  We decided to switch things up and walk around downtown Disney since we can still get the Disney experience at the very low price of free. 

Disney princesses!

This was probably more expensive than the real Disney castle, but so beautiful!

The Wonderful World of Memories!  It was destiny.  We were making memories at the memories store.  We went to Ghirardelli for a free piece of chocolate,looked at the Disney art and posed on a Harley.  It was fun to people watch too.

Boys will be boys.  We love hanging with Dan and Ashley and even if we were just at home doing nothing we would have a blast, but this outing was particularly memorable.  

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