Master Vorwaller

3:11 PM

I had the privilege to spend a few nights with Ryan running some test and collecting data for his thesis.  Ryan had to build two wind turbines and then somehow attach all of these computers to them and collect data.  I couldn't even begin to describe how he did all of this.  I was there as the fan plugger-iner and the mouse clicker.  Ryan did all of the heavy lifting and  all of the things that actually took some brain cells.

Looking good babe!!

When you turn this baby on it was wind city in the lab.  I was wearing my jacket and Ryan's as well and was still shivering, but I was a pretty good lab assistant, if I do say so myself.  
I am so proud of Ryan and will give a few more details about life after school a little later.  I am so glad we have these pictures for posterity sake to show our kids what an amazingly outstanding student Ryan is.  It was a VERY stressful few weeks at the end, and a pretty stressful year in general, but Ryan's hard work has paid off.  Let's just hope our kids get his brains and my street smarts.  
So proud of you Ryan!!

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