2:48 PM

For Christmas I got Ryan 4 tickets to a Magic game...nosebleed seats of course because that's how we roll!  Actually tickets are outrageously priced and we could either do 2 seats closer, but not THAT much closer, or buy 4 and share the experience with another couple and I thought Ryan would enjoy it more if it was an experience with others so we asked Leslie and David to join us.

My man Dwight...except Dwight and I are on a break right now with these talks of leaving the Magic.  Don't worry, JJ Riddick is a very close second.

Yep.  We were far away.  And I was using my zoom.  The Amway area is the nicest arena in the NBA right now.  It is brand-spanking new and so large!

The Magic won!  

Our only picture of Leslie and blurry David.  Ryan went back for a few more games and had better seats but the Magic only won when I was with him.  Coincidence?  I think not.

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