5:58 PM

Ashley and Dan invited us to go to the Romney Rally in Ormond Beach.  I didn't know what to expect since I had never been to a political rally before, but I loved it!

I had to get a button.

Vote Romney!!

Ashley and Dan were looking so cute...and Grace was there too!!

Mitt was so inspiring and I was so impressed with his politics.  I have spent the last few months researching the candidates and their policies and feel as a citizen I have a duty and responsibility to make an informed decision when we vote.  Ashley has been a huge inspiration to me since she is the queen of researched political information.

Ann was so smart and beautiful.  Exactly what I envision a First Lady to be.

Mitt walked right by us and actually sought out Ashley and shook her hand.  We were the third row of people back and a little far away to shake our hands and he passed us, then turned back and say Ashley and shook her hand!  It was crazy!  All Ashley wanted was to shake Mitt's hand and it happened!  And he really did seek her out and it was quite the experience.  

However you vote in November, just make sure it is an informed decision.  Research our candidates and get active.  It is our future and our children's future we hold in our hands and every vote counts.

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